Proud Great Dane Mama Gave Birth To Massive Litter Of 19 Healthy Puppies

Kingman Animal Hospital in Kingman, Arizona, shut down because of the snow, yet only several days after the fact, they previously had their hands full. This previous end of the week, staff at Kingman pushed a Great Dane mom who brought forth an incredible 19 puppies!

Dr. Erika Angone, alongside her group of specialists, conveyed the little guys by c-area. Fortunately, the medical procedure was a triumph and the mother, named Cleo, and every one of the 19 of her little dogs are doing great.It’s protected to state that Cleo will be a bustling mother, however fortunately she is in incredible hands and the staff are set up to help her attendant the puppies and ensure they each get the best possible nourishment they have to become enormous and solid.

This is not the first time a Great Dane has given birth to such a large litter. a Great Dane named Snowy also birthed 19 pups, and their owners had no idea that she was even pregnant with that many. The x-ray only showed 15 spines, so seeing her give birth to 19 was a sweet surprise!

And while 19 is a massive litter, it’s not even the biggest that there has been. A Neapolitan Mastiff became the mother of the largest litter ever documented, when she gave birth to 24 pups!

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