Dachshund That Looks Like A Chocolate Chip Cookie Become Social Media Star

She lives in Los Angeles, California with her proprietor Heather Bruegl, 23.Her hide mother says they get halted a ton in light of the fact that the pupper is simply so darn charming, and we can perceive any reason why, who can oppose the lovableness? She stated: ‘We generally get halted when we are out!

Numerous individuals will say that they have “never observed that shading before.”People need to thoroughly understand the sweet canine and are interested what kind she is, since she’s so exceptional. She appears as though a chocolate chip treat and is similarly as sweet.

This charming half year old dachshund is stopping people in their tracks any place she proceeds to have just become an online media star!Her name is Honeydew. She’s a thoroughbred long haired smaller than normal dachshund with an abnormal chocolate and cream dappled coat and delightful, enormous blue eyes.

As indicated by Heather: “many individuals will inquire as to whether she is an Australian Shepherd/Dachshund blend however she is really a thoroughbred long haired small scale dachshund.”Her mother began an Instagram represent her last May and she as of now has right around 200,000 adherents. Her fans love to see her spruced up in her charming outfits, for example, her panther print, apparition ensemble, bloom crown, and her feathery robe, and fluffy koala cap.

The charming little dog is worshiped by her mother, who got her when she was two months old on May 25th. At her new home, Honeydew joined Heather’s two different dachshunds, Holly and Hazelnut. The three canines have become besties since then.Heather stated: ‘ She is one of the most joyful, best canines I’ve ever had. She adores everybody and each canine. ‘She generally makes me giggle consistently whether it be on the grounds that she is woofing at herself in the mirror or springing up out of her toy receptacle.

I telecommute so we are together every minute of every day. Honeydew is a complete cuddlebug on the couch while I do my work.”I love taking Honeydew to have playdates with different canines as regularly as could reasonably be expected. She enjoys sprinting around and playing with other puppies like her!’ Please share this adorable pup with your family and friends and then pop over to Honeydew’s Instagram account to say hello!


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