Man Completely Loses It And Raced Toward His Lost Dogs, He Spots Them At Shelter

At the point when Sandy Hernandez’ two Siberian Huskies disappeared, he was crushed. They figured out how to jump the fence in their yard and Hernandez spent the whole end of the week scanning for them, however without much of any result.

However, much to his dismay, his two hide infants were protected. While he was searching for them, they ended up getting taken in by Miami-Dade Animal Services after somebody discovered them on the streets.Thinking they were strays, the safe house utilized them as doggy models for a photoshoot with Ocean Drive Magazine to feature pet selection.

Hernandez had posted flyers everywhere throughout the area in the expectations that somebody would see them and perceive his dearest little guys. That is the point at which he got a call from the man who had discovered them and took them to the haven. The man clarified that he thought they were strays and advised Hernandez to go to Animal Services.When Hernandez showed up, he saw his two wonderful pooches modeling for the cameras during the photoshoot.“That’s my dog, man! That’s my dog,” he yelled, as he ran up to the shoot crying.

He immediately hugged his dogs, who were equally as happy to see their owner again.The pups, 3-year-old Ragnar and 11-month-old Kloud are now back at home with Hernandez. Hernandez also decided to get both of them microchipped to avoid situations like this in the future.

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