The Dog’s Hungry, But It’s Only 4PM, So He Takes Matters Into His Own Paws

Crusoe is a Dachshund, so he’s constantly eager. He gets his supper at a specific time every day, except he’s made sense of an approach to play the framework. “What began as supper time at 6pm before long changed to 5pm, and is presently down to 4pm. What’s more, would likely simply continue coming sooner on the off chance that it were dependent upon him,” his folks said on YouTube.


It’s solitary 4 o’clock, so mother denies Crusoe his nourishment. That’s when he decides to take matters into his own paws…What a slick dog! He just bumps the hour hand up to 5 o’clock and tries again, this time with dad. Huh, it’s a lot later than dad thought. Okay, here’s your dinner. It worked! Crusoe is a genius. A new day, same old trick.That is the point at which he chooses to bring matters into his own paws… What a smooth canine! He just knocks the hour hand up to 5 o’clock and attempts once more, this time with father.

Huh, it’s significantly later than father thought. Alright, here’s your supper. It worked! Crusoe is a genius. A new day, same old trap. This time the dog fools mom.Bright and early the next morning, Crusoe’s on the bed along with the clock. Dinnertime just keeps getting earlier and earlier. And I think mom has a new alarm!  “This is a little video skit on what it feels like having a Dachshund for dinner time!” Watch it in full below!


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