Reaction Of Dogs To A Private Magic Show Is Beyond Hilarious

Entertainer John Stessel is stunning at his art. He cherishes performing for groups and seeing the looks on their appearances as he boggles their brains with enchantment. In any case, people aren’t the main ones he performs for. Stessel likewise performs for safe house hounds. Clearly, hounds love enchantment too!Their responses to Stessel’s traps are out and out comical.

Stessel banded together up with the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter in Long Island, New York and TBS to help engage some safe house puppies and help them get received. “I’ve always loved the idea of doing magic with dogs,” Stessel told The Dodo. “Performing for them was nothing short of incredible.”Stessel and Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter Director Rob Bliss thought it would be a good idea to showcase each dog’s personality.

“To help animal shelter dogs get adopted TBS brought them the magic of the holidays, to show you how full of life they are,” the shelter said. Showing their quirky reactions would help make them more attractive to people looking to adopt a dog.“The reaction from the dogs was just amazing,” Stessel said. “They were just so cute. It was really special.”

They really truly were. Stessel made doggie treats disappear right before the eyes of the doggies. You could imagine how they felt about that! Some looked really confused. Others seemed to have their eyes pop out of your head. Some are intent on getting that treat and spin in circles trying to find it.

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