Dog’s Tries To Do An Impression Of A Chainsaw, Totally Nails It

Clever canine recordings are my top pick. I’m a major sap for save stories, that is without a doubt! In any case, my go-to recordings to perk me up on despairing days are recordings simply like this one. Meet a canine who believes he’s a cutting tool. Correct, you read that right. A cutting tool! There’s been discussion whether the video is genuine or not but rather that is not by any means the point.

This puppy must’ve been a logger in a previous life. Or on the other hand perhaps he simply has a profound association with power instruments.Funny dog videos are my favorite. I’m a big sap for rescue stories, that’s for sure! But my go-to videos to cheer me up on melancholy days are videos just like this one. Meet a dog who thinks he’s a chainsaw. Yup, you read that right. A chainsaw! There’s been debate whether the video is real or not but that’s not really the point. This dog must’ve been a lumberjack in a former life. Or maybe he just has a deep connection with power tools. Either way, I can’t stop laughing my butt off at this adorable character.

Dogs are natural mood boosters. They seem to know when you need a snuggle, a kiss, or some form of distraction to get you out of your funk. Am I right? Is your dog good at cheering you up? Making you laugh? What are some things your dog does to set your mood right? So, what do you think about Chainsaw Dog? Do you think he’s funny? Do you think his impression is really him? Let us know in the comment section! We love to hear from you!

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