Woman Finally Catches Stray Dog After 3 Years of Trying

A lady in California declined to abandon a substantial stray pooch, going through three years attempting to protect her. While out for a stroll with her pooch Kristine Munir detected a monstrous puppy in the gulch out back of her home. She promptly put nourishment out for the canine each morning and each night, uninformed it would be the start of a multi year exertion to spare the pooch she named Lulu.

She set up a pooch house in the winter and wandered ordinarily into the gorge to attempt and discover Lulu’s sanctum. Lulu outmaneuvered Kristine’s numerous endeavors to get her and in spite of Kristine’s numerous endeavors, however Kristine continued attempting. She disclosed to her story to everybody who might tune in lastly her story went to the consideration of Matthew Daughters.

The experienced dog rescuer began to slowly attempt to win Lulu’s trust. He would hand-delver Lulu’s meals and this went on for quite a while. It seemed like “Mission Impossible” to catch the Mastiff.

But when Matthew noticed Lulu’s vision was starting to go, he ramped up his plans to catch her. Lulu lapped up the attention everyone was giving her and was welcomed into the home of Laura and Molly where she has gotten the happiest of endings. Watch more of Lulu’s heartwarming rescue in the words of her rescuers in the video below.

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