Moment golden retriever is surprised with puppy

This is the charming minute a brilliant retriever was shocked with his new scaled down me younger sibling. The recording, shot in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, caught the minute Anisa Spagnuolo held seven-week-old Murphy in her lap. Cooper, a one-year-old brilliant retriever, at that point dashed into the room, his paws scratching on the wooden floor as he bounced up to meet his new friend.

The energized little guy at that point edged nearer to the newcomer – sniffing at him inquisitively before support up and gazing at him for a couple of minutes.Murphy tried to move closer to greet his elder, but was held back by Ms Spaguolo, who was closely watching the pair.But Cooper then jumped into her lap too – settling down as close as possible to the little pup. Ms Spagnuolo said: ‘It really melted my heart, it was so sweet. The two of them together is so precious and heart-warming.’

They are best of buds and it is so amazing to watch the two of them every day.’ Ms Spagnuolo – who is now chronicling Cooper and Murphy’s shenanigans through their Instagram page – admitted she was concerned about their meeting. She said: ‘Cooper has never had a puppy in the house before. I was worried he was going to be mad and very jealous. ‘However, since the moment Murphy came home he has been the best big pup brother in the world.’


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