Dogs Get Into Heated Argument Over Nothing Before Making Up With A Kiss

Sometimes it seems as if siblings get into arguments and fights just for the sake of doing it. It’s just what they do! And it’s no different for dogs, apparently. Draco the Husky and Dunkin get into an argument here over seemingly nothing.The two dogs engage in a shouting contest over who is the goodest boy perhaps. If only we knew what they were actually saying!

Any translators out there? This continues for a good half a minute until Mom says to “kiss and make up.” And that’s exactly what they do! A boop on the nose and everything is settled. Gotta love dogs!Imagine what it would be like to understand everything your pet is saying to you. You’d know when they are truly hungry or when they are just vying for your attention. There would be no more incidents and you’d know when it’s time you put on your clothes and take your pet for a walk.

To sum it up, life would be much easier. But not knowing how the cogs turn inside your pets’ mind has some allure too. Not understanding them has made us learn a few new ways to communicate with them. We know that all it takes is a certain look to know when they want us to put them more water in the water ball or that a tilt of the head means that they are confused about a certain thing and they want to learn more. Well, at least we think that’s it, if you ask a cat, they would probably tell you that they are looking at you that way because they think you aren’t quick enough to find the sock they stole from you last week and hid it underneath your bed. Either way, there are some telltale signs and they make our lives easier.


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