Shelter Dog Reaches Out For Help And Is Saved

A pit bull little dog was found in favor of the street close Dallas, Texas. He was in solitude and wasn’t fit as a fiddle and the region he was found in, is known as a typical area to dump undesirable pooches. Frump Ferry Road is likewise a territory with substantial activity, which prompts numerous undesirable mutts being hit via autos. Some way or another, JJ the 9-month old pit bull stayed away from that peril. In the wake of living individually and by one means or another surviving, the puppy was found by creature control. They saw that his ribs were obvious, which implied he was out there for some time. Getting off the avenues The best thing that creature control could do was get JJ off the lanes, however his future wasn’t looking excessively better because of the states of the neighborhood protect. The sanctuary that JJ was taken to is little, comprising of six pet hotels. Is anything but an agreeable setup, by any means. Still, this is the place JJ expected to go, in any event briefly, to be a haven pooch. It was superior to him proceeding to starve and be in peril of being hit by an auto. As indicated by the creature control officers who discovered JJ, he was visually impaired and hard of hearing. When he touched base at the sanctuary, he wouldn’t eat.

Based on these signs, it’s easy to say that JJ wasn’t doing so well as a shelter dog. Temporary shelter JJ stayed at the shelter for two weeks, the maximum he was allowed to be there. Then came the bad news. JJ would be euthanized as a way to clear up some additional space for incoming dogs. The chances of the puppy getting adopted were extremely low. At this particular shelter, there are essentially no visitors. Because of the lack of visitors, the dogs remain in the shelter unless they are fostered or euthanized. JJ got lucky though. Someone stopped by at just the right time. Her name is Marina Tarashevska, and she works with the shelter. At the shelter, Tarashevska attempts to find new homes for the dogs by networking with kennels and animal foster families. This is why she was going to the shelter. With only six kennels in the entire shelter, it was easy for Tarashevska to notice JJ. She and the shelter staff took him out of the kennel to visit with him. JJ was scared and confused. He wanted to hide and was trying to stay as low as possible. After a little while, JJ had to return to the kennel. The real rescue It was then that Tarashevka attempted to leave the shelter, and JJ tried to stop her. JJ reached his paw out of the cage to show Tarashevka that he wanted her to stay. He must have felt safe and secure with her around.

When Tarashevka describes his actions, she mentions that “He was putting his paw out, and begging to be saved.” She understood exactly why he was acting this way though. He had never been in that place before and wasn’t at his best anyway. Tarashevka knew she should do something to help with this sweet pit bull. She was well aware that he was scheduled to be euthanized. This meant she needed to act fast. At this rescue, Dallas DogRRR, Patti Dawson is the president. She knew what was needed too. Tarashevka asked if she could remove him from the shelter. She knew she needed to move quickly in order to save JJ. Dawson allowed Tarashevka to take JJ to the vet. From there, she found an excellent foster home for him. From the time that he got to the shelter, he seemed skittish. He showed signs of previous abuse. Luckily, he is improving in foster care. He’s warmed up to his new temporary home. It was obvious from the start that JJ isn’t an ordinary dog. Aside from his medical concerns, he’s a pretty funny pup. At his foster home, his real personality is shining through. He has some silly traits and habits. For example, his foster family has mentioned that JJ loves to jump while he’s in his crate. He loves the security of his crate. After adjusting to his foster home, the family noted that he’s an extremely loving dog with a lot of love to offer. JJ is well-taken care of and is definitely living the life he deserves. His foster family takes him on walks and gives him all the snacks and toys that he needs. After some more time in the foster home, JJ will be put up for adoption so that he can find a forever home!

Posted by Marina Tarashevska on Thursday, August 2, 2018


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