Dog Ran Out Of Treats, Decides To Go Shopping For Himself!

Do you remember your parents teaching you to shop when you were a child? They’d encourage you to put a toy or treat up on the counter, then hand you the money to give to the cashier, and make you say thank you afterward. It was all part of preparing you to become an adult. Well, this delighted dog is learning to do the exact same thing.When Brynn, the dog, runs low on dog treats, he hops in the car with his human family and goes shopping for himself.

Brynn is a strong, independent dog who doesn’t need his pet parents to pick out his snacks! He doesn’t even need them to walk him inside; he carries his own leash and walks himself into the store!

He knows what he wants, and he knows where to find it. He makes a beeline straight for the treats and dog food aisle and immediately starts picking out exactly what he is craving.

He drops his items into the basket and takes it one step further by carrying one of his own bags of treats to the checkout line. He then pays for his treats and manages to get a snack from the cashier.

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