Officer Gives His Retiring K-9 Partner A Beautiful Send-Off

Faust the German Shepherd achieved some astounding things amid his eight years with the BNSF Police Department in Texas. The skilled puppy worked in the Explosives Detection and Patrol Department, where he reacted to huge amounts of brings throughout the years.

Faust has even won honors for his astonishing administration. In 2015, Faust and his accomplice, Senior Special Agent Bryan Schaffer, won second place in dutifulness at the National Railway Police K9 Trials. Faust likewise got fifth place in dangerous detection.Schaffer cherished working with Faust, and he confided in the pooch with his life.

Faust has assisted with many cases, including a situation where a bomb danger was called into a Wal-Mart. Faust and Schaffer painstakingly checked the store, ensuring the store was ok for every one of the clients and employees. After eight years on the power, it was the ideal opportunity for Faust to resign.

The dog was ready to spend his golden years relaxing. Since Faust meant so much to him, Schaffer wanted to give the dog a proper send-off into retirement. On the day of Faust’s retirement, Faust jumped into Schaffer’s police car like usual. He settled into the passenger’s seat, not realizing anything was different about today.

The radio crackled to life, and Faust’s ears perked up—he was used to this sound, and usually, it meant he and Schaffer were about to go to work. But this day was different. On this day, the message on the radio was about Faust.

“Faust has just completed his last shift as an explosive detection and police service K-9 after eight years and one day, and he is now officially retired. Faust, thank you for your service,” the radio dispatcher said.

Even though Faust and Schaffer weren’t partners anymore, the two weren’t saying goodbye. After Faust retired, Schaffer officially adopted him. Now, the dog is living a happy, relaxing life in Schaffer’s home.

In the years since Faust has retired, he and Schaffer have done tons of fun things together. Schaffer took Faust with him on a trip to the Valdez Rocks in California. There, the two went hiking.

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