2-year-old girl bonds with sick pit bull and won’t leave the shelter without her

The toddler was immediately drawn to the pit bull.Pit bulls have a bad reputation; you can always find someone who says “they’re dangerous” or “bred to kill,” but this is far from the case.Sure, any dog can be cruel, but it usually boils down to their owner and how they are treated.When she fell for this shelter pit bull in need of help, this adorable 2-year-old didn’t see a “dangerous” dog.

“G” is the toddler who met a “sick” dog and persuaded her mother to take her home.Young children can sense things that adults cannot; it’s as if they are closer to the source and thus have a stronger connection to where they came from.When this 2-year-old noticed that this pit bull needed assistance, she told her mother that they couldn’t leave without her.

It all started when G and her mother went to the shelter to look at dogs, and the little girl became obsessed with one in particular.The mother explains in the video posted by The Dodo:”She pointed to the shaking dog in the back.My daughter was more interested in meeting her than any other dog at the shelter that day.She was unidentified.She stank of mange and had snot streaming from her nose.’Mommy, that one,’ G said.’Let the dog out, I need help,’ she said.When we tried to take her out, she panicked and refused to walk.G took the leash and was extremely patient with her.

“She went wherever G went.”When G finally got the pit bull out of her cage, she was completely patient with the sickly dog and quickly formed a bond with her.

G used her dress to wipe the dog’s running nose and goop caked eyes as the two unlikely friends played together.G’s mother was struck by the phrase “Doggy sick, need help.”How can a two-year-old know this?

G was adamant that the pit bull needed assistance and that they could provide it.The tiny girl gave the dog hugs, kisses, and belly rubs regardless of how she looked or smelled, leaving her ‘s even more amazing is that a 2-year-old girl recognized an animal in distress and had the compassion to want to help.

When they returned the shelter pitbull to her cage, she began shaking again, but G refused to leave her side.”Sick doggy, need help, go home,” the wise little girl kept repeating.

G got her wish when they adopted that “sick” shelter dog and named her Scarlett.Scarlett and G are now inseparable, and Scarlett is doing much better thanks to her new family’s love and care.She is no longer the “sick” dog that G demanded to be saved, demonstrating that a little love and compassion can go a long way!Scarlett is also being bathed on a regular basis by G, so no more miss smelly.G and Scarlett’s relationship has touched people all over the world, and it’s hard not to be moved by this one.G’s instinct to help the sick animal in need is incredible; what a wonderful little girl she is.