173-pound great dane insists on climbing into owner’s lap

He just jumps on them like a puppy!A nearly 170-pound Great Dane’s misbehavior has cost his family a lot of money.Larry, three years old, wrecked three recliners while wanting to cuddle with his owners, costing the Kempen family well over $2,000 to replace the damaged furniture.Nonetheless, despite everything, they adore him.


The black-and-white speckled dog is captured on camera trying to fit his six-foot frame on top of his adoring family members while they watch TV.According to the owner, the dog ‘thinks he’s a lap dog.’Ken Kempen, a 40-year-old father of three, can be seen relaxing on the lounger in the video, which was posted to the dog’s Instagram account, which has over 103,000 followers.

Up until Larry jumps onto his lap, that is.

Larry can be seen bouncing around Ken in other footage uploaded to the account.The final video shows one of his daughters playing with the dog.Madalynn, 12, Colin, 16, and Harley, their 16-year-old Yorkie, all live with Beth Kempen, 38, and her husband Ken.Their 20-year-old son John recently moved out.

They all adore Larry.

The Kempen family, who live in Combined Locks in Outagamie County, Wisconsin, created the Instagram feed to keep up with Larry’s antics.Larry tripled in size three months later, and he now towers over Ken, who is six feet tall, while standing on his hind legs.

Larry is unstoppable.

Because the boisterous dog destroyed the arms, backrests, and footstools of three recliners, the family has spent more than $2,000 on replacements.They even had to spend $1,000 on a “Larry-proof” sofa to help prevent further damage to their furnishings.

Larry has become a worldwide phenomenon in the last three years.Fans enjoy watching videos of his ‘lap dog-like’ habits and the reactions of his family to his pranks.

He’s now a celebrity!”I knew Great Danes were big, but living with a dog this big is a different reality,” Beth explained.”We fight sometimes, but when he wants to jump, he jumps!”

“You never know when he’ll do it, and he never takes no for an answer.”He’ll do it to everyone in the family because it’s a lap he’ll sit on.”He’s got to be one of the world’s biggest lap dogs,” she continued.

“My daughter can’t just push him away, so she gets stuck,” Beth observed.”He can also be a little gassy, which is annoying when you get stuck under him.”She must seek assistance.”

Beth believes Larry’s desire to sit on the family’s laps began when he was a puppy, and that they may have held him too frequently during his first four months of life.

Despite the fact that the need to constantly replace the furniture Larry damages may irritate others, the family claims they would not change anything.Larry is their pride and joy, so if he wants to jump on their lap, it will always be ready!